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Oh baby!

I’ve been absent… for a while. I haven’t sewn much, I haven’t participated in shows, and I certainly haven’t written anything. But I did grow a human! If you follow my instagram, you know that she is 291 days old today.

Transitioning to life as a stay at a home mama has been more challenging┬ámuch different than I had imagined. Before she was born, I had visions of her napping or playing quietly in her pack in play while I worked away. Ha! There’s a lot of things that I thought, that are not the reality of having a baby (a post for another day).

Anyways, now I’m back. I’m slower and have less time to dedicate, but I’m back. And I’ve changed. My product tester has taught me a lot about my business. I’ve seen what I use on a regular basis & what I don’t. I’ve learned what seams need more reinforcement and what materials need adjustments. I’ve seen what styles are more desirable and why. So just as I’m different now, so are my products. Not just different… BETTER!

I’m really excited to move forward with more knowledge & inspiration than ever. I’ve made improvements to quality & durability that are already in action. And I’m working on a capsule collection for autumn/winter 2016. Follow @by_mindy on instagram to be the first to know about sales and for sneak peeks of my new collection.

Meanwhile, I intend for my blog to become more mommy oriented. I want to share what my journey has been and create a safe space for all mamas.

Stay tuned…